Groove, gyrate, flow, stretch, sway, or all of the above.  At SESCIL we offer an exercise class for a variety of preferences, ability levels and benefits. Need some motivation? How about gaining the many benefits exercise offers:


• Lower blood pressure • Improved balance • Improved balance • Better brain function
• Prevention or regulation of common diseases • Enhanced mood • Weight loss • Better mobility

• Reduced risk of heart attack • Lessened stress and anxiety


We offer something for everyone.

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The music will inspire you, while you combine dance like rhythmic movements with stretching and strength training.  You’ll start by warming up your muscles, move on to cardiovascular activity, then tone your muscles, work your abdominal muscles and body core, and end by stretching.


By making aerobics part of your regular schedule, you can improve your:

• flexibility • muscular strength • cardiovascular fitness • endurance • posture • bone density

• circulation • joint health


With each class, your sense of accomplishment and self confidence will grow.


Due to its low intensity, this class is suitable for people at all fitness levels.


Classes are offered every Tuesday and Thursday, from 8:30 am to 9:30 am.


Bobbye and Leslie lead the charge.


Belly Dancing for Fitness and Fun

Let go.  Isolate, undulate and gyrate your way to fitness, and another place and time.


Belly dance, native to the Middle East, is an improvisational dance that is fluidly integrated with the music’s rhythm. The dancer’s goal is to visually communicate to the audience the emotion and rhythm of the music.  Many see belly dance as a celebration of the sensuality and power of being a mature woman.


Most of the basic steps and techniques used in belly dance are circular motions isolated in one part of the body; for example, a circle parallel to the floor isolated in the hips or shoulders.


Belly Dance… there’s not a part of your body you won’t use.


In the process, you’ll:

• Calm your mind • Soothe your spirit • Ward of osteoporosis • Enhance flexibility • Relieve back pain

• Lubricate your joints • Tone deep abdominal muscles • Tap into your sexuality


Enjoy the sensuality that comes from freedom of expression, as Sandi Cohen guides you through this journey. Our spirits take flight on Mondays, 9:00 am to xx am.


Stretch and Flex

In Stretch & Flex, strengthening exercises and stretches are used to increase muscle power, and promote flexibility and balance. The focus is on developing muscles you use: mainly the legs, hips, back and shoulders.  The goal is to engage participants in a wellness program that will help them better perform the activities of daily living.


• Flexibility refers to a joint’s range of motion. It is likely the most neglected aspect of physical fitness,

   but should be a part of everyone's weekly fitness routine.

• Weight training strengthens and tones muscles and helps build stamina. People who are physically

   inactive can loose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass per decade, after age 30. This loss is a

   factor in the occurrence of frailty and the likelihood of falls and fractures in older adults.

• Balance is vital to normal, everyday life activities. A fitness program should include coordinating the

   muscle and joint movements required to maintain balance. This ability is a complex process that depends

   on three major components: the sensory system providing information about the body's position; the

   brain's ability to process this information; and the muscles and joints that coordinate the movements

   required to maintain balance.


Classes take place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.  Bruce Locklin is the instructor.




The Art of Meditation

Chi Kung and Tai Chi have been referred to as meditation in motion, as their flowing movements focus and relax racing minds. While doing so the body benefits from improved muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, and staving off physical signs of aging.


Chi is considered to be the flow of energy through the universe. It is said to flow through channels in the human body and, if blocked, can lead to poor health.


Chi Kung and Tai Chi can be practiced regardless your level of ability, whatever your state of health


Chi Kung

Chi Kung involves performing movements that stimulate the flow of chi through the body. It is a tranquil, relaxing exercise, stressing balance, deep breathing and mindful movement that improves circulation and flow. Chi Kung provides a nourishing and stimulating environment in which to relax and replenish the body, mind and spirit. A review of a July 2010 article in the "American Journal of Health Promotion" found that Chi Kung improves bone health, cardio-respiratory fitness, immune function and can help prevent falls. Its methods are simple, yet its effect is profound.


The journey takes place with Norman Blagman, every Tuesday at 10:00 am and Wednesday 10:45 am.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a system of Chi Kung that, although very similar to Chi Kung, has been combined with the framework of a martial art. It therefore contains combat techniques, as well as healing ones. It offers an effective way to maintain, improve or recover health. It is an effective therapy for poor circulation, high blood pressure, arthritis, back pain, breathing difficulties, digestive and nervous disorders.


Join Shelia Mason every Wednesday, from 8:15 am to 9:15 am.

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Belly Dancing for Fitness and Fun

Stretch and Flex


The Art of Meditation

Chi Kung

Tai Chi

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