The dental program at Southeast Senior Center continues to be a definite advantage to our members.
At a rate approximately 50% lower than most dentists, members are offered X-rays, teeth cleanings, fillings, simple extractions and more. These services are provided by a state licensed dentist and hygienist.


Dentist: Patrice Schoenbrun

Dental Hygienists:
Regina Nataluk and
Margaret Conway
Dental Coordinator:

Rosa Simons


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The nurse provides consultation sessions for some of the following health issues: blood pressure assessment, medication management and new illnesses and injuries. She also leads a program titled "Coping With Health Issues" with the assistance of the social worker.


Nurse: Mary Ragnone, RN

Social Worker

The social worker provides assistance to members to assess what entitlement programs are appropriate
and assists in helping how
to complete and submit applications. She also assists members in a variety of other areas relative to their quality of life healthwise and otherwise ie; understanding and enrolling in available programs such as PAAD, Lifeline, Senior Gold and
much more.


Social Worker:
Paula Gellis, MSW


Dr. Richardson recognizes the
need to provide foot and
ankle care in a friendly, caring atmosphere. His desire at SESCIL is to put his patients
at ease beginning with the initial appointment to the conclusion of their podiatric challenges. Dr. Richardson also offers a monthly vascular testing with the approval of the patients primary care physician where needed. In short, Dr. Richardson keeps you walking.


James Richardson, DPM

SOUTHEAST SENIOR CENTER FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING To encourage, sustain, and support meaningful, active, healthy lives of senior citizens 
with programs and services that enrich the mind, strengthen the body and lift the spirit. SESCIL


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